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This Mission for Blind Children is focusing it's efforts on the Salvation Army School for the Blind where they minister, educate and train blind and visually impaired children and blind children with multiple disabilities like Deafness  and Autism. It is our intention to foster growth and an atmosphere of high expectations, positive attitudes and a deep Love for our LORD!  

Blind Children Missionaries Children Charities, Educate Blind Children Support Blind Children Blind Kids.



We Invite You To Explore Our Site Where God's Work Through This Great Group of Missionaries Is Making A Difference At The Salvation Army School For The Blind  

Favorite activities during our Mission Trips to the school.

1. Ice Cream Social Day

2. Jamaican Pattie Day

3. SpecialNeedsShopping Day

4. Implementation /Delivery Day

5. Scholarships Day  

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We  traveled to the school on January 7 through January 15, 2019  to again make a difference in the lives of these beautiful blind children at the Salvation Army School For The Blind in Kingston Jamaica! We took a team of 6 this year to the school and we had a great time working with the new administrators Rod and Paulette Bungay.
Our next mission trip is scheduled for January 2020. Stay tuned for more information.
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Our wonderful kids as they participate in a Jamaica Wide Gospel Choir
Competition. They did take home a TROPHY! and competed with
their sighted peers.

During our Ice Cream Socials and Jamaican Patty Parties the children really come out
and show their enthusiasm for life and wonderful smiles!

Home is where the heart is. As missionaries from Quest Presbyterian

Church, our home is the Salvation Army School for the Blind in Kingston, Jamaica, This is the
only school for blind children in the entire Caribbean. It is the home of 130 Blind and Visually
Impaired Children who need all the support and help we can provide through the kindness and
generosity of others. If you are thinking about  donating  to any great causes, Missionaries For Blind 

Children is definitely for  you!  

Blind Children Missionaries Children Charities, Educate Blind Children Support Blind Children Blind Kids.

Ever since I visited the campus I have been hooked on helping these kids. I am blind myself
and lead our mission team at Quest Presbyterian Church where it pertains to the blind. I
found these children both challenging and incredibly positive about themselves. I also know
what we in the US have as support for the blind. These children aren't so lucky. THAT IS

Blind Children Missionaries Children Charities, Educate Blind Children Support Blind Children Blind Kids.

Blind Children Missionaries Children Charities, Educate Blind Children Support Blind Children Blind Kids.

Blind Children Missionaries Children Charities, Educate Blind Children Support Blind Children Blind Kids.

This is just one example of what your donations mean to the school and it's
children. Their main staple for food is RICE AND CHICKEN. The 900  pounds
of Chicken, Turkey Necks, Makril and Saltfish are pictured on the left.

The donations we receive to purchase this kind of food quantities are because
of wonderful people like you who support this important mission. This is what is
helping them grow up strong. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS

Dwight Sayer is not only a missionary for blind children, he is blind himself. Because of this he knows how very important
it is to get a great education. This also includes learning the techniques of
. the blind. Without these techniques to deal with
the day today challenges of being blind-life can 
seem to be extremely overwhelming. With this kind of education and learning opportunities
blind children can become whatever they want to be and with God's help that means anything, anywhere. I have a  very good friend that attended this
school and now has a great job in the USA. Damian is a Human Resources Manager for a large retailer with his degree from UCF. With your help we can
make sure all the blind children at the Salvation Army School for the Blind have this kind of future ahead of them.

Salvation Army School For  Blind 2019 Mission Trip

This years mission trip will once again be housed at the Spanish Court Hotel.

Spanish Court Hotel

1 St. Lucia Avenue

Kingston 5


In our past (2015 - 2018) trips we worked with Major Robert Pyle and his wife Major Paula Pyle the
administrators of the Salvation
Army School for the Blind. We were
able to impact almost every area of
the school due to generous
donors like Quest Presbyterian Church, Claudette
Robinson, Phyllis
Robinson, Cash donations from the

children web site. During our 2 bake sales we set a record making it
possible to purchase many things the children needed for their
We purchased 900 pounds  of frozen Chickens, Turkey

Necks,  Makril and Saltfish. We purchased Gallons of Oil, Butter and
Bags of Brown Sugar. We purchased a freezer, fans, weed eaters,
microwave ovens, air conditioner and more. It was an amazing
year and we arrived just when they needed us. This was through
no planning

on our part it was purely GOD placing us there when he wanted us
We also provided the children with a Jamaican Pattie Party
and Ice Cream Social for the children.

GOD, since beginning this mission to serve these Blind Children just
keeps finding resources for us to tap into.
I Pray that in these tough
times we will be able to continue funding this extremely important
mission with his help and yours. Please go to our Bequests and
Donations page to make your much needed donation.

Our next Mission Trip will be in Jan 2019 

If you are interested in going or supporting this  upcoming

trip for someone else to go  please contact Dwight Sayer  at 321-948-1466 or


If you would like to help us financially or in
person on next years trip, please
contact us at: 

During this years trip to the school we found more children wanting their pictures taken. So we tried to
get as many of them as possible on the site.

We are seeking the help and support of other Churchs and Ministries for these wonderful children. Please reach into
your hearts and dedicate some of your time and treasure 
for this important effort ! 

2016 Was A Great Year As The Winston Salem Industries For the Blind And A Brighter Path Foundation Joined Us In Serving These Wonderful Children At the Salvation Army School For The Blind In Kingston Jamaica
This Is A Picture Of David Barnwell President Of The Brighter Path Foundation Giving Instructions To Students On The Acrobat Magnification System Of Which They Donated 3 This Year At A Value To the School of $9,000 USD.  A Big Thanks To David  Barnwell , A  Brighter Path And Winston Salem Industries For The Blind!